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Christos Lasaridis

Dipl. - Ing. 
Consulting Engineer and Executive Manager

Professional training:

- Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering, major in Manufacturing Engineering.
- Degree course in Managerial Economics and Business Engineering (N.C.)
- Postgraduate training: Scheme of Rationalisation
- Postgraduate training: Modern Project Management
- Postgraduate training: Labour Law
- Postgraduate training: Certified Passive House Consultant

 Areas of expertise:

- International project management
- Business consulting
- Product and technology transfer
- Individual strategy development and application

- Certified Passive House consulting

- Production planning and optimisation of assembly lines
- Industrial strategy concepts for productivity enhancement
- Efficiency analyses of operating procedures
- Conceptualisation of product development processes

- Energy consulting
- Project development for renewable construction projects
- Sustainability certification